PurePixel Vegetation Mapping

PurePixel Vegetation MappingWe have developed dozens of algorithms and combined them in a unique software system that organizes and analyzes high-resolution, multispectral image data to produce information about crops in a way and at a scale that will radically impact how crops are viewed and managed.

Let us help you succeed by making certain you have the best metrics available to assess, monitor, and manage your two most valuable assets – your land and your crop.


At C3 we do not take any shortcuts. We start with high quality source imagery and use the most advanced image processing techniques available to fulfill our goal of producing the best crop information possible – Pure Pixel Crop Information.

Ultimately, this means that our imagery processing is more complex than that of other vegetation map providers. The result show - the additional accuracy and value of C3's vegetation maps, focused directly on the crop, is startling.


"I can't image planting another vine without using STI's Soil Information Service."

- Steve Harrow, Director of Viticulture West Coast Grape Farms

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C3 processing removes interfering factors such as soil, cover crops, and shade. This new approach results in pure spectral signatures based only on crop characteristics that we use to generate C3's calibrated vegetation index maps. With the consistency of these maps from field to field and season to season you can truely begin to understand the levels of crop health and variability in your fields.

This is the breakthrough of C3’s Pure Pixel Crop Information and makes C3's vegetation maps different from anything else on the market.