SIS Soil Mapping

The Soil Information System™ (SIS) is a collection of innovative tools and techniques for digital, 3-D mapping of soil. SIS patented technology optimizes the process of soil mapping by producing high resolution, accurate soil information within a timeframe and at a cost that significantly improves upon what is possible using traditional soil mapping tools and methods.





The SIS produces highly accurate soil and topographic information. SIS outputs are three-dimensional interactive data models of cropland with over 65 different discrete data elements available, including root zone depth, moisture retention and availability, and soil richness.

Analogous to an MRI, the solution provides valuable information for all stages of farming from pre purchase land evaluation to improving crop yields and quality to informing sustainable practices.  


"I can't image planting another vine without using STI's Soil Information Service."

- Steve Harrow, Director of Viticulture West Coast Grape Farms



SIS soil maps serve all professions and enterprises interested in using precise accounting of soil variability to improve results.  Whether managing crop production or researching methods to improve soil-related conditions, SIS offers users an advantage not available with any other method - a complete chemical and physical soil profile.




The SIS is a revolutionary soil mapping technology in which soil information is collected and processed digitally to produce accurate, consistent results, very quickly. Digital soil information from the SIS can be flexibly output as printed or web maps, GIS files in multiple common formats, direct inputs to variable rate controllers, or be distilled into a custom format that addresses a client's specific needs.

SIS has been developed by a team of soil scientists, geomorphologists, geo-statisticians, cartographers, and computer scientists working together to create the world's best soil and topographic maps.